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At Highmark Homes, we want to help you create your dream home. That is why we provide solid service through our customer service team. We want to bring you the satisfaction that comes with having a new home.

Warranty Information

Every Highmark home is covered under Tarion’s Home Warranty Program. New home owners benefit from One Year Warranty Protection and Two Year Warranty Protection against defects in work and materials, and Seven Year Warranty Protection against major structural defects (MSD).

Warranty coverage begins on the date of possession of your home or condominium unit, and remains in effect until the end of the warranty period, even if the home is sold before the warranty expires.

For more information, go to tarion.com


  • Andy & Sue Wray
    Andy & Sue Wray

    “We’ve moved 4 or 5 times in our marriage, and this is the first one that actually feels like home…as soon as we walked in the door. Their service is fantastic, they build a quality product, our year-end has just been the last week or so and they’ve come back and they finished it all within a few days.”

    — Andy & Sue Wray

    (At Highmark, we want to build your dream home so we work with you to personalize your home to meet your lifestyle needs.)

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