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Tips for First Time Home Buyers

This is the most exciting time of your life! You’re buying your first home . . . and while the excitement of this important event is causing you a few trembles of nervousness, don’t worry – Highmark Homes is here – to help you navigate through this sometimes scary experience!

How To Prepare For “The Closing”

The stage of turning over the keys to you for your new Highmark home is called “The Closing.” This is the final step in buying your new home. Here are some helpful hints to ensure a smooth closing.


In the weeks before closing, you should be in close contact with your lawyer to ensure all closing arrangements are well underway. Please ensure that your Highmark Homes Sales Representative has your lawyer’s contact information. Your lawyer will receive all final closing documents 2 to 5 days prior to your closing date. He will also advise you of the closing costs – an amount of money that you will have to pay to “close” on your new home, above and beyond the down payment amount.


Approximately 1-2 months prior to your closing date, you should contact all utilities companies to update them with your new home address and contact information. Please be sure to contact Hydro, Phone, Cable, Water, and Gas companies.

Phone and Cable

Your Highmark home is equipped with phone and cable rough-ins only. A rough-in is a hole in the drywall, with a plate over it identifying whether it is a phone line or a cable line. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make the installation arrangements and pay the cost of phone and cable connections in your home –but you can do so only after your closing date.

Once you have taken possession and your phone/cable provider arrives to initiate your service, tell them to:

  • Install phone/cable jacks and faceplates at all applicable locations.
  • Gather wires in basement to the exterior demarcation point.
  • Connect the exterior demarcation point to the pedestal on the boulevard.

If you have a standard appliance package included in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, Highmark Homes will deliver your appliances on your closing date or the day after.

If you choose to upgrade any of the standard appliances, it will be your responsibility for the delivery and installation of these upgraded appliances, after closing. Any other independent appliance deliveries must also be scheduled after closing.

Remember to notify Canada Post that you will be moving. You can obtain your new municipal address and postal code by visiting the Canada Post website.

Your postal code and super-mailbox key information can be obtained by contacting Canada Post’s Customer Service directly at 1-800-267-1177, or by visiting their website.

Please note that Highmark Homes is not notified of your postal code prior to its availability to you on the website.

Security System

The installation of your security system will need to be arranged by you after closing.

Moving Van

Remember to book your moving vehicle or company in advance.

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  • Linda Erotocritou
    Linda Erotocritou

    “Our experience has been wonderful. The sales staff is excellent and has made the whole experience of buying a new home very easy.”

    — Linda Erotocritou

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